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GET STUFF DONE. That's about it.

Iterate to success. Fast.

We’re ok with occasional failure, but we don’t tolerate the two B’s: bureaucracy and bullshit. We always aim high. We don’t accept status quo – sitting on your ass, analysis paralysis, or indecision.

ubiX for innovation

Everyone drives, everyone takes the reins, and everyone is accountable to both themselves and the rest of the team. ubiX provides us with a safe space to experiment with literally ANYTHING and discover potential ideas for new products.

Forgive mistakes, but not timidity

We’re about taking risks and making things happen: as individuals, as a team, and as a family. If things don’t work – and sometimes they won’t – be humble, accept responsibility, and then quickly go fix that shit.

Stuff we've built

Some of our best projects came from scratching a personal itch. We're now handling projects worth over 300 crores.



Generate social buzz around any event (weddings, startup meets, restaurants, etc), and see how your brand is trending online.




A cloud and mobile based project management system for power corporations. Provides innovative ways to collect grassroot data and then provides awesome summarized reports.


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A location based place suggestor which can be used by travelers and locals for discovering new places around them (which usually go undiscovered). Be it a uptown bar, shitty gas station or a fancy theme park, we have it all under our belt!


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Shazam clone. A library for automated music genre classification.

The Squad

If you can't feed a team with 2 pizzas, it's too large.


Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive.

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